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The New Shoring Scaffold On The Block

Shoring Frames

Shoring Frames

Shoring Frames Castor WheelsInnovation from Layher has seen the TG 60 shoring frames replace traditional standards, ledgers and diagonal braces. As a result, customers experience significant time saving in assembly and dismantling, making it ideal for formwork contractors. The system allows assembly on the ground and can be picked up by crane, placed in the required position. It can also be moved into position with castors that can be assembled or removed swiftly.

This system is fully compatible with the All-round conventional scaffolding. Layher customer Boss Scaffolding recently decided to include the TG 60 shoring frame as part of their fleet. To the great satisfaction of their client, Gothic Construction, they completed a complex project in Linbro Park, Gauteng, on time.

The TG 60 system can be easily adapted to several sizes, thanks to variable bay lengths that include the following:

TYPE A – 1.09m
TYPE B – 1.57m
TYPE C – 2.07m
TYPE D – 2.57m
TYPE E – 3.07m

Shoring Frames SiteHow Does This Benefit You?

  • Compatibility
  • Fast assembly/dismantling
  • High bearing capacity
  • Size variation
  • Low number of parts
  • User friendly
  • Economical
  • Improved production
  • Safe with integrated access